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Covid 19 craziness

Dernière mise à jour : 29 juil. 2020

An article a bit different than the others.

We won't talk about fashion here (after 2 months wearing tracksuits), but we will talk about crises instead.

Covid19 crisis, Quarter-Life crisis, identity crisis, you pick the one that works for you (or all of them, no judgment here) !!

See below the now famous Quarantine Pillow Challenge ... what do you think? WTF ??

Earlier in 2020 and around the world, women / influencers / stars posed only wearing a cushion, (or in certain case, a blanket), held to their bodies by their favorite belts not forgetting of course, a pair of statement shoes.

A proof of the nervous breakdown due to the lockdown??

In the end,that wasn't that bad : it made possible to discover the kind of picture you see below which automatically puts a smile on your face, am I right?

A man comfortable with wearing a cushion, a bumbag (Ok it's YSL but still) and an ushanka while posing on a bed with stuffed animals... it's just amazing!




This photo has not been photoshopped.

So we were not supposed to talk about fashion but in the end, this pillow challenge is kind of a remote fashion show you can admire on social medias.

As for me, 2 months wearing my boyfriend's tracksuits, out of shape tshirts, without even bothering to do my hair or put on some make-up and I wasn't even a bit traumatized ... this crisis has indeed change me : now when I wear regular clothes, I feel pretty, yeah!!!!

That's just great. A small victory for feminism if it made you feel the same.

What about you? Team Pillow challenge? Team Tracksuits? Team all dressed up?

To all the people whose life has not really changed during the quarantine.

Ok I said that this crisis has changed me but I meant that It has changed the way I see myself. That's the bright side of all of this, now you put on a dress and you feel amazing!

But to be honest,my life before and after the quarantine is quite the same and I wrote this article who those of you who did not have a great quarantine or a productive one at least, those of you who did not make the most of it and are just tired now to hear the word quarantine (word that has never been used that often in the past century) !

April, 11th : still quarantined

Quarantine, Day-I have no fucking clue.

I've never really started counting the days not to feel like an inmate in jail counting my days by writing on the walls, well in that case on social medias but you get the idea.

What a beautiful sentence, don't you think?

More seriously, what is it with people counting their days on instagram ?? That's not even a countdown because at that time, we didn't know when the quarantine would be over so what the heck?

The only good reason to do so, is to make people laugh for a different reason everyday like the french humorist Pierre-Emmanuel Barré who helped make it bareable with his short and daily videos !!

Yesterday, I went to the post office, waited in line for a very long time to send reusables masks I sewed for my Aunt… It was a really weird experience to notice the very frightened employees going backwards each time a lost and elderly customer was asking for help with the touch screens .

No, that will never be easy for them and my grandma is on facebook so I am not generalizing. #havingarant #wehavetohelptheelderly

Anyway, later the motivation (or let's be honest the boredom) pushed me to get back into working out : this amazing program called Bikini Body Guide that I bought a long time ago and then tossed onto the garbage heap of history (Okay I just wanted to use this expression once in my life!!).

The stiffness I felt the days after reminded why. Maybe this year, I will feel confident in my bikini and the main reason of that is the high probability I won't get close to a beach and stay inside instead! #thequarantinewillneverbeover #bodyimageissues #bodyconfidence #selfesteem #bodypositivity #stillaworkinprogress

My birthday is coming up soon … the 30th one, it deserves a party right ? Well this year as we all are stucked inside, the plan is what we call a "skypéro", an "apéro" (aperitif) on skype with my familly and then a mini celebration with my boyfriend and my little bro.

Yes,I do live with both of them in a ridiculously small appartment and no one is dead yet! Will we survive till the end of the quarantine ? (Suspense music!!)

Even though I am stucked inside with nothing to do (no remote job and not enough space to do anything), my website and my collection are still works in progess, my productivity seems to depend on my social life and is therefore unbelievably lessened.

To all of you, highly productive people in time of crisis, Bravo! I am impressed by all the efforts you used to prove to the world that you are not able to relax a single moment of your life! (when I say impressed, I mean scared, okay ?)

One last word to all of the owners who decided to abandon their pets or did completely insane stuffs such as disinfect them with alcoholic gel, well you are idiots!

(And I talk about that because I hear it on the radio, read it on facebook and I'm just outraged) #animallover #animalrightsdefender #takecareofyourpets

June, 2nd : not quarantined anymore

I still don't know the day, but the quarantine is over (at least in France) and we can leave the 100-kilometer zone

The lockdown is over so the planet is already suffocating again.

Before I start talking about everyting that is wrong with Humanity, I stop keeping you in suspense... we haven't killed each other in our "broom closet" appartment!!

Now that we can finally go out, I was delighted about having picnics, sunbathing in the park, well enjoying what nature has to offer but I was crying victory too early. All I found was a dump.

Here you have a picture of the Rhone-river-quays in Lyon, completely dirty thanks to gross "citizens".

And I am not even talking about the disposable masks floating everywhere and the color of the Seine, now that Parisians have reclaimed the quayside.

It is clear I have officially turned 30 years old, I write like a pissed off nanny.

Yet, I have spent the quarantine with my boyfriend, my birhtday was nice, (I ate like my life depended on it, well technically it does but it was insane) and I am now free from my small room, so why am I that frustated?

The green activist in me is definitely upset when I see all these post-quarantine aberrations but I guess it is mainly because of the lack of change in my life after the lockdown.

Career Crisis

The end of my last contract just before the quarantine, an endless job search and for a while a glimmer of hope...

But it was just an umpteenth recruitment process before an email rejection letter highlighting the quality of my application and my likeable personality (for the next interview, I am thinking of trying a despicable version of my personality, what do you think??) #thestruggleisreal #findingagreatjobin2020 #endlessjobsearch

So, How am I 30, jobless, feeling lost and useless ?

A few clues : I studied Fashion, I am not rich and I don't live in Paris!

#quarterlifecrisis #thistooshallpass #workingonit

My old carcass

After the left arm in last December, I have now new calcifications in my right shoulder (problem quite common for women between 40 and 50, when I told you I felt I aged overnight!)

But Honestly, who needs 2 arms? or even just the right one for a right-handed person?

Dressed like a slob?

Okay truly, It's not on purpose and I am not that lazy but getting dressed and doing my hair with only my left hand is a disaster! (just try and see if you don't end up with a 80's crazy hairstyle !!).

I struggle to get dressed without raising my right arm (thanks honey to leave me all your shirts), and I am not even talking about the disaster in my kitchen when I try to cook (how to go on a diet easily!!), I can't drive so I can't escape my hometown after a nice quarantine here so in a nutshell, I'm losing it!

Even typing requires a lot of effort that's why this article is coming to an end : painkillers aren't that effective and you will soon have your fill of my stories if it's not already the case!!

I do feel a lot more serene now, so if you need to, don't hesitate to share your quarantine stories, as usual, I am all ears!

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