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No Black FRIDAY in 2020?

Last year, a lot of you have joined forces to boycott the Black Friday with inspiring campaigns, by not going on insane shopping sprees or by taking part in one of the many climate strikes against it so we can all hope for a final goodbye to this crazy day in a near future!


Thanks to all the activists who stood against the devastating impacts this day has on the environment, especially WedressFair with its ingenious #blockfriday campaign !

Too bad the play on words are not possible to translate!!

We can also thanks the anti-capitalist campaigners who protested against Amazon and its eco-destructive ways.

Ready to go Green??

Last year, the french ethical brand Faguo, created « The Make Friday Green Again collective » with more than 600 brands to help customers change their black Friday/consumption habits by inviting them to repair, recycle or just give away.

We can help them making Friday green again by not buying what we don’t need and boycott this year’s Black Friday ! #wiseconsumption

To make brands rething their business model and production.

Fashion brands are always on sale. Sales have become a marketing technique to get rid of the usual overproduction !

Yes, the crazy Black Friday discounts for instance, are just a way to get rid of the overstock by selling at unbeatable prices or even at a loss !

But if you don’t pay, someone else does : the person who made your item for example, or simply the planet !

So you have to really think before you buy :

-Do I really need this ?

-Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times ? [Livia Firth, Eco-Age ]

And choose which brands you buy from --> many brands today adopt on-demand productions (no overstock, small-batch production), choose to be completely transparent so we, customers, can know how our items are made (the materials, the workers, the origins) which is excellent news !!


Today, it is easier to shop ethically but the only tricky part is to know where to shop especially if you don't have a lot of time or don't live in a big city.

Here are a few solutions to help you choose well, buy less and make it last :

  • Clear Fashion : an app that allows you to choose environmentally & human-friendly clothes ! 70 brands decrypted according to 4 themes: Human, Health, Environment & Animals.

  • The future app Dress me Slowly : a shopping app offering you many sustainable brands to choose from !!! (soon an article about this promising start-up)

  • Websites such as Dressing Responsable or Wedressfair to help you discover new ethical brands for a sustainable wardrobe.

  • The label Slo.we.are which helps you identify easily eco-responsible brands and to avoid all this #greenwashing !

There are, indeed, more and more slow fashion activists, ethical and commited brands, labels and apps to help you change the way you shop for a better future, a greener one and I’ll introduce them as we go along on this blog !

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